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Hello, I am Sophie, the founder of Bahari Blu. This small business is the result of combining two of my life-long passions; beach combing and making jewellery. 

For as long as I can remember I have loved wandering along beaches, searching the high tide line for 'treasures' as my Grandpa used to say. I find the process therapeutic, peaceful, and there is something magic about knowing that with each tide there will be new treasures waiting to be found.

This is how I find all of the sea glass used in my designs. It is authentically surf tumbled, each piece with its own story having spent decades beneath the ocean's waves.


I make the majority of jewellery myself, however the ceramic pieces are made by skilled silversmiths in the coastal town of Lamu, Northern Kenya. This is where I spent months watching and learning from local silversmiths at work. 


I hope you like the designs you see, I first sketch my ideas before working out the process to bring them to life. If you would like to follow the Bahari Blu story you can sign up to my email list or take a look at the blog! 

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