Hi, I’m Sophie, and I started Bahari Blu in the summer of 2018 as a creative side project to fuel my love for making jewellery. I make the majority of jewellery myself, working with dichroic glass, and pieces of sea glass which I collect at the local beaches. This year I introduced the Up-cycled Ceramic and Silver Edged Sea Glass collection, which are made by skilled silversmiths in the coastal town of ‘Lamu’ in Kenya where many of my family are based.



I try to bear sustainability in mind as much as possible when making decisions for Bahari Blu, with all packaging materials being 100% recycled/re-used from other sources. The majority of the collections are made from “waste” materials such as sea glass found on beaches and broken pieces of ceramic which are filed into shape and edged in silver. We aren’t perfect yet, however we are always looking for ways to improve and would be open to any feedback! We frequently hold charity sales on our Instagram account (@bahari.blu), where the money raised is donated to environmental charities fighting to protect our world's precious and diminishing wild places.